Local divers get visit from Christchurch, New Zealand team

<strong>Christchurch divers visiting with the McCormick Divers Junior Olympic Team</strong>

Divers from the recently earthquake-stricken city of Christchurch, New Zealand, visited McCormick Divers in Long Beach last week. According to Ann Sissons, CEO of the New Zealand Diving Association, the Christchurch diving facility is likely irreparable after sustaining damage from the quake and aftershocks. 
The New Zealand team came to California to meet diving legend Greg Louganis and make a trip to Disneyland before joining McCormick Divers for their regular training session. With their own regular training facility at Belmont Olympic Plaza Pool closed for the PAC-10 Conference Championships, the local divers trained at the team’s alternate training site at Martin Luther King Jr. Pool.

<strong>From left: McCormick Divers coach/owner Debby McCormick; Christchurch diving coach Steve Power; Christchurch divers Amy Kroening and Jordan Van Hagen; and McCormick Divers head coach Charly Collins; during a recent visit in Long Beach.</strong>

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