Why are local kids proud to be American?


By Stephen Strichart
Associate Publisher

Each year the Bellflower-Long Beach Elks Lodge No. 888 sponsors an Americanism Essay Contest open to students in the Bellflower and Long Beach school districts. Two age groups, one for 5th- and 6th-graders and another for 7th- and 8th-graders, were each awarded three winners. The first-, second- and third-place winners each received a $100, $75, and $50 US savings bond, respectively.
This year we received 110 essays. As chairman of the Americanism Committee, I, with the help of my wife, Neena, read each and every one of them. The unedited first-place winning essay in each grade group follows.


“Why I am Proud to be an American”
By Jesse Robles

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jesse Robles, I am a ten year old student that goes to school at Washington Elementary. I am proud to be an American, would you like to know some reasons why. Some reasons are Rights, Freedoms, and Government.
My rights make me honored to be an American. I have the right to believe in any religion so I can worship God in my way. I have the right to complain about Government’s mistakes, and failures. My family has the right to obtain weapons to feel safe and secure.
Another reason I’m proud is because my laws and government. For example it’s nice that the government has a limit of service. Another thing is that there is a balance of power between the congress, judges, and president. Last it’s fair that their discussions of law making are public.
Freedom is another reason why I am proud to be an American. For example, I have the freedom to enter and leave other states that I would like to visit. Also, I can earn, save and spend money. I also have the freedom of education; to choose to go to college or not.
These are the reasons why I am proud to be an American. When I see the flag, Statue of Liberty, and the Liberty Bell it reminds me that I am lucky and proud to be a part of this beautiful nation.


“Why I am Proud to be an American”
By Lily Seitelman

America is the land of opportunities. We have a diverse culture that is overflowing with knowledge and ideas. I love that we are allowed to strive for the American Dream: to live the life we want to as long as we respect the rights of others and follow the laws. There are so many people in the world who are restrained by their leaders and culture. They can’t freely speak their minds, having no voice. My country secures my rights and lets me have a say in my government through voting. It encourages me to be great and make our world better. I cannot be held back from saying or practicing my beliefs. I will not be silenced. I am not treated differently because of my race, religion, or anything that defines me. I am treated as a free citizen, who is an individual with power.
I love that Americans are connected under our flag. We are responsible to treat others with respect and help our fellow man. We fight for our country and work to secure a better future for later generations not only by working hard ourselves, but also by educating our children. We develop better ways to solve social and economic struggles every year. Never do we stop trying to make our country stronger. I am proud to be an American citizen. I have voice and rights for as long as I live.

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