Walk participants raise $4,000 for Miller Children’s Hospital’s palliative care

<strong>Snoopy gives out high-fives to community members before they begin the Palliative Care Pursuit Walk at El Dorado Park in Long Beach.</strong>

To support the pediatric supportive/palliative care program at Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach, more than 200 patients, family members, employees and community supporters (including Snoopy) participated in the Palliative Care Pursuit Walk. The walk was organized by Rachel Llanos, one of more than 100 parents whose family has benefited from the supportive/palliative care program at Miller Children’s. Her daughter, Kelly, had a rare chromosomal abnormality, called Trisomy 13, that led to heart problems and the need for constant care at Miller Children’s throughout her life.
Supportive care, also called palliative care, involves a variety of resources to improve the quality of life for a child with a chronic or life-threatening illness by addressing their needs for comfort. The pediatric supportive/palliative care program at Miller Children’s is unique, and different from hospice, in that it begins at diagnosis and is a part of the care plan, whether the child is at home or in the hospital, throughout cure or bereavement.
Although Kelly has since passed away, her mother was determined to organize the walk in her daughter’s honor to raise awareness of supportive/palliative care, as well as raise funds to expand the palliative care program at Miller Children’s. More than $4,000 was raised to help Miller Children’s continue to provide future patients and families with the same compassionate care her family received.
“I was so touched by palliative care that I wanted more people in the community to know about it,” says Llanos. “I am so happy at the turnout we had for our first Palliative Care Pursuit Walk and hope to make it an annual event. It is amazing to see this kind of support from the Long Beach community.”


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