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One thought on “St. Mary dedicates its G.I. lab in honor of doctor who has worked there almost four decades

  • Theresa D. Matthews

    My life continues, because of the knowledge of one great man. He is not only brilliant, but is kind, caring, selfless, humble, loving & a servant to God. One early Sunday morning, (several Sunday mornings), I was trying to not focus on my pain, when in walked a smiling, beautiful face, greeting with a “Good Morning, Theresa, how are you feeling?” I was in awe of this wonderful, caring man, My Doctor! I had seen him every single day for an entire month. Sometimes he spent 30 minutes with me, never in my life did I feel so content, not afraid of dying. I knew I was in the best of care. I was humbled by his uniqueness. His work ethic is extraordinary-early & late hours, 7 days a week! He is also a loving Husband, Father of 7 children & Grandfather of 12 Grandchildren he proudly says with a huge smile. I am truly honored to have met this wonderful man, Dr. Robert Lugliani. I owe my life to him.