Job Corps Center kicks off its ‘Let’s Move Cities and Towns’ campaign

<strong>Long Beach Job Corps Center Director June Rentas (right) kicked off the center’s “Let’s Move” campaign last week and provided Rick Gonzalez (left), coordinator of the Youth Opportunity Center, with a healthy-living basket during the organization’s community relations council meeting.</strong>

The Long Beach Job Corps Center (LBJCC) officially kicked off the “Let’s Move Cities and Towns” campaign at their quarterly community relations council meeting on March 23. The quarterly luncheon meeting served as a venue to share the strides made by students and staff at the center since September.
“Let’s Move,” First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative to stop obesity in children within a generation, was the force that guided the center to adapt their healthy lifestyles program. “Let’s Move Cities and Towns” incorporates the community in this endeavor. LBJCC Director June Rentas told representatives of community groups from Long Beach and surrounding cities about how the center has adopted healthier menus, provided education on making healthy food choices and encouraged students and staff to incorporate daily exercise into their lives.
“Gone are the sugary drinks and sugar-laden snacks in vending machines on the campus,” said Sandy Annino, business and community liaison for the LBJCC. “They have been replaced by water, sugar-free items, nuts, fresh fruit, and snacks that are baked instead of fried.”
To demonstrate the center’s commitment to a healthier lifestyle, it provided attendees with lunch that included a salad with charbroiled chicken, freshly baked whole-wheat rolls, water and diet drinks, and fresh fruit for dessert.

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