LB Housing Development Company, Councilmember Garcia demolish blighted check-cashing facility

<strong>First District Councilmember Robert Garcia begins the demolition of the building at 460 W. Pacific Coast Highway, as part of ongoing community revitalization efforts.</strong>

The Long Beach Housing Development Company (LBHDC) and First District Councilmember Robert Garcia demolished a check-cashing facility Tuesday that had long been a public nuisance for area residents and businesses.
“This property has been a major problem for this community, and we’re excited to demolish it to make way for new development,” Garcia said. “By removing these problem properties, we are making way for the revitalization and economic growth of the area.”
The LBHDC pursued the acquisition of the property, located at 460 W. Pacific Coast Highway, to facilitate the future redevelopment of the full block.
“The acquisition and assemblage of these properties demonstrates the LBHDC’s commitment to provide safe and livable neighborhoods in Long Beach,” said Pat Brown, LBHDC chair. “By making this block available for a new development opportunity, we look forward to sparking the transformation of the surrounding neighborhood.”
This marks the last remaining parcel on this block assembled by the LBHDC in recent years to be demolished. These acquisitions are part of ongoing community revitalization efforts in the Washington School Housing Action Plan (HAP) focus area and were targeted because of blighted conditions, overcrowding, and nuisance activities.
In 2004, the City adopted a five-year Housing Action Plan (HAP) to serve as the framework for the allocation of scarce housing resources. Its intent is to maximize investment of these resources to benefit as many residents as possible, and at the same time, revitalize and stabilize Long Beach neighborhoods. Three neighborhoods were selected as HAP focus areas: Washington School, Central, and North Long Beach King School.


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