Police department warning residents to beware of chain-snatch, strong-arm robbers

The Long Beach Police Department has seen a recent trend related to strong-arm robbery in the West Division. This trend is believed to be a result of the recent increase of the price of gold and other precious metals and the downturn of the economy in the past few years.
Many of these robberies involve the suspect approaching the victim on the street, snatching valuable jewelry, money, cellular phones, or handbags from the victim without warning, and fleeing the scene. Chain-snatch robbery and strong-arm robbery are considered to be crimes of opportunity.

Residents should consider some of the following safety tips:
• When faced with any theft situation, remember that the goal is to avoid being injured. There is nothing on your person worth serious injury or death.
• Avoid displaying large amounts of cash, and keep tempting targets, such as jewelry, hidden out of view as much as possible.
• Be aware of surroundings and acknowledge approaching people.
• Do not use cellular phones while walking– it distracts you from your surroundings.
• Avoid poorly lit areas. If you must walk through such areas, walk purposefully and with confidence.
• When possible, don‘t walk alone or on dark streets or take short cuts through deserted areas.
• Before you use a bank’s automated teller machine, be observant. Look around the area for people loitering. If you see a suspicious person or persons, do not use that machine at that time.
• Report suspicious people or cars.
• ­As you drive or walk home day or night, look for potential danger before entering your driveway. Walkways, doorways, and driveways should be well lit around your home.

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