Pyramids out, plates in

Carol Berg Sloan, RD Nutritionist Unless you are a registered dietitian, or just into food and nutrition news, you may not be aware of the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate that were recently launched by the US Department of Agriculture.

Dietary guidelines– balance is the key

By Carol Berg Sloan RD Columnist What are the dietary guidelines? Have you ever wondered where school districts get their menu plans, where the Women Infant and Children (WIC) programs receive nutrition guidance, or where the meal plans at long-term healthcare facilities come from? They’re all from the United States Department of Agriculture’s dietary guidelines.

Chipping away at snacks

By Carol Berg Sloan Columnist I had to drive up north via Interstate 5 recently and wanted some snacks for the road trip, for, as many of you know, while there are many places to grab a bite, most are fast-food joints or gas-station grocery mini marts.

Cold weather comforts

By Carol Berg Sloan RD Nutritionist Although we live in Long Beach (which most of the country thinks is in perpetual summer), fall is here, which in turn influences our palette to lean towards cold-weather comfort foods and seasonal, traditional favorites.

Summer Good Eats

By Carol Berg Sloan Columnist Well, the summer has flown by, but end-of-season produce is still available. So run, don‘t walk (for exercise purposes) to the produce section or local farmers market to grab a bagful of corn, tomatoes, peaches and green beans.

A wake-up call to keep kids fit

By Carol Berg Sloan, RD I don’t know about you, but I am thrilled that First Lady Michelle Obama has gotten on the bandwagon to bring the childhood obesity onto center stage with the Let’s Move Campaign ( I sometimes wonder if Americans realize what a health crisis the number of overweight children is now…