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Theatre review: A Splintered Soul at the International City Theatre

Theatre review: A Splintered Soul at the International City Theatre

Paige Pelonis, Multimedia Editor
October 29, 2018
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Nothing less than mastery could be expected from an International City Theatre (ICT) production, and A Splintered Soul, written by Alan L. Brooks and directed by Marya Mazor, is no exception. This production is a win for the entire creative team, from lights and sound, to props and costumes– and a hu...

Theatre review

Anita W. Harris: Culture Writer
June 16, 2017
Filed under Culture

Mobile devices are a blessing and a curse. Dead Man's Cell Phone, written by Sarah Ruhl and continuing at the Long Beach Playhouse Studio Theatre through July 8, explores the extent to which one cellphone belonging to a newly deceased man can both connect and confound. While the play offers some pe...

Long Beach Playhouse deserves its own prize for and the winner is!

January 15, 2010
Filed under Entertainment, theater, theatre, Vicki's View

by Vicki Paris Goodman Entertainment Writer Imagine dying before the biggest night of your life. You fall down a chute into a way station in the form of an Irish pub devoid of liquor and beer. The proprietor, Seamus, resembles a man-size leprechaun with a pain-inflicting clicker reminiscent of a...

Blythe Spirit spoofs the occult and its believers

July 24, 2008
Filed under Vicki's View

By Vicki Paris Goodman Arts and Entertainment Editor The Long Beach Playhouse's new production of Noel Coward's comedy Blithe Spirit is a chuckle a least. A scathing yet good-hearted spoof on the occult, and presumably those who attempt to mess around with it, the play pokes fun at the afterlife and makes no...

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